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Why Am I a Warriors Fan?

Hello World!

With the NBA season coming to an end 😢 and the playoffs about to begin 😃, lets talk about the best team in the league, my favorite, the Golden State Warriors. Sure this season wasn't as great as last year, but they were playing against their own greatness. By normal standards, they still had a great year. Besides this year was different, because they lost to that team in Ohio would will remain unnamed, so they weren't focusing on 73 wins. This year the focus was always on the championship. Today, I thought I'd share how I became a Warriors fan.

Now most Golden State fans are either from the Bay Area or they are bandwagon fans, who only starting the watching the Warriors when they started winning. Now, I wouldn't consider myself either of those two, even though I definitely wasn't a fan back when the Warriors had 20 game winning seasons. But even then, I did watch them, but not for enjoyment purposes, but more along the lines of curiosity of how they were a professional basketball team.

My journey into my love affair with the Golden State Warriors began with Klay Thompson. I would also like the point out, this was around the time in my life, I was starting to become completely obsessed with the NBA. That being said, it was the summer of 2012, and I was watching the summer league mostly to feed my addiction, but also because UK had 6 players drafted, and I wanted to watch my fellow Wildcats. And that is when I first saw Klay Thompson play, and I was impressed. He was a great shooter and a good defender as well. He only played in one game in the summer league, because he was just embarrassing the other players, but that was all it took.

Throughout the season, I would find myself checking in on the Warriors. This was like Thompson's breakout season, and I wanted to see it. This is also the year Stephen Curry finally fixed his ankles and was actually a good player. So as I continue to watch them, I begin to fall in love with this team, and not just Thompson. I liked their Coach Mark Jackson,  other players like Jarrett Jack and Harrison Barnes (who is so precious), and I had always been a fan of David Lee because of his work ethic. Then the next thing I know, my Warriors are in the playoffs. And of course I root for them, because who doesn't want to cheer for the underdog. 

Even though, they lost to the Spurs that year in the second round, I could already see glimpses of the great team that would be become. The Warriors didn't get great all of sudden, but rather it was a steady process of finding the right pieces that fit in their team.  Before winning the championship, they added even more great pieces, like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. And as you watch the Warriors, they grow on you and you fall in love because they are good players and good people, and you want them to win. 

And that is why I'm a Golden State Warriors fan. #DubNation!


P.S. Be sure to tune in to the playoffs! I probably be live tweeting most games!


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