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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Life Update: Relay Summer Experience 2017

Hello World!

So honestly there isn't that much to update you on because there really isn't that much happening in my life.  But this summer I have been offered a pretty neat opportunity, and now I'm actually getting kind of excited for it.

So back in February I applied for the Relay Summer Experience, which a summer program for undergraduate students who interested in teaching, where they are trained and teach young students for 6 weeks. It takes place in New Orleans, near Loyola University. I honestly just applied because I really had nothing to do, and no idea what to do with my future, so teaching seemed a well enough option.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I got offered a position in the program. And then, I still wasn't excited for it. I was just like 'well at least I have something to do this summer'.  But last week, one of the program's recruiter started a Facebook group, I got to 'met' some of my fellow 'fellows', and they seem like cool people. There was even a GroupMe started for the Texas fellows, which there are surprisingly quite a bit of. And some people are thinking of carpooling together to New Orleans, which I think i might take part it.

So yeah, that's it. I guess we'll see what the future holds!

Au Revoir!

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