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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life Update: Who am I?

Hello World! 

So Tuesdays, I plan to give a little up date on what's going in my life, but since this is the first Tuesday, I can't really give an update, so I thought I would just start with sharing a little bit about who I am. 

So first thing first, my name is technically Erin, but ask anyone who doesn't know me, it's Kerin, no matter if I tell them differently, so I've just decided to embrace the Kerin. I'm basically 30 years old (22 so...), and I'm in what I like to call a transition period in my life. I just transferred from the oh so wonderful University of Kentucky to my local Texas Southern University this semester, due to various unfortunate circumstances. And it has been a struggle, but that's life. And I have to be in school to please my parents, otherwise I would never be doing this college life. I'm currently studying Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science, and I plan to graduate ASAP!

Uh... other things... so my birthday is July 6, making me solidly a Cancer, and yes I do hold grudges like a Cancer. 😏 I have an older 'little' sister and two younger twin brothers, thus making me the middle child. I have a four year old son, who is cute, but mostly obnoxious, named Mr. Mann.

Mr. Mann being a dang fool

I have an unhealthy relationship with pizza and popcorn. I love all things NBA, and I love going to the movies and sleeping 12+ hours.

So that's basically me in a nutshell! Au revoir! 

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