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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Saving Bucks like a Pro: The Top Ten Tricks That Keep My Bank Account Happy

Hello, savvy savers! Are you ready to take control of your personal finances and keep your wallet grinning from ear to ear? Well, you're in luck. Today, I'll be sharing my top ten tricks for saving money like a real professional. We'll delve into the world of savings, discussing why it's so vital and exploring various strategies to make it happen. We all understand the importance of saving cash. It could be for an emergency fund, a dream purchase, or to reach our financial goals. Let's get started! 

1. Set Clear Financial Goals 

It's like going on a journey. You wouldn't hit the road without knowing your destination, would you? The same goes for your financial journey. Setting clear financial goals forms the foundation of good money-saving habits. They give you a clear path, a sense of direction, and a finish line to aspire to.

So how do we set these goals? Well, it's crucial to keep them realistic and measurable. Don't aim to save a million bucks in a month if you're earning a fraction of that. Start small, and as your income grows, scale your goals upwards. Remember to put a timeline on your goals. It could be short-term, like saving for a vacation, or long-term, like saving for retirement. Having a timeframe in place helps maintain focus and motivation. Finally, your goals must align with your values. If you're passionate about travel, saving for a globetrotting adventure will feel less like a chore and more like an exciting endeavor.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Master the Art of Saving: Tips for a Successful No Buy/No Spend Journey!

Are you ready to master the art of saving? If you're tired of constantly spending money and want to take control of your finances, then you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll be diving into the world of the No Buy/No Spend Journey. But what exactly does that mean? Well, it's all about challenging yourself to refrain from making unnecessary purchases and focusing on saving instead. And let me tell you, the benefits of embarking on this journey are truly remarkable. From having more money in your bank account to reducing clutter in your life, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.
So, grab a cup of coffee and let's get started on this exciting journey of financial freedom!

Assess Your Spending Habits

To embark on this journey, first, we need to confront the enemy: our spending habits. Begin by tracking your expenses. This simple practice will provide a clear picture of where your money goes each month. Once you start, you might be shocked to discover how those seemingly small purchases can pile up.

Next, identify your problem areas. These are the sneaky purchases that creep into your spending without you realizing, such as regular takeout or those weekend online shopping sprees. Recognizing these areas is the first step towards taking control of them.

Having identified your problem areas and tracked your expenses, the next step is setting your savings goals. The key here is to be realistic. Trying to save half of your salary in a month may sound great but it might not be feasible. Your goals must be achievable; otherwise, they may discourage you.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

No Spend Lent: How I'm Daring to Ditch the Dollar for 40 Days

It's Ash Wednesday today! A happy Ash Wednesday to you! Now, I'm not sure if people usually greet each other like this on Ash Wednesday, but it's a significant day because it marks the beginning of the Lenten season. Although I'm not a Catholic, I attended a Catholic school for four years. During this time, I was introduced to the practice of observing Lent, and I've adopted the practice into my life.

For those who may not know, Lent is a significant Catholic religious observance that occurs every year. It's a time to remember the 40 days that Jesus Christ spent fasting in the desert, facing temptation from Satan, all before he began his public ministry, as narrated in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. 

Lent isn't just about remembering these biblical events. It's also a season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It starts on Ash Wednesday and ends at sundown on Holy Thursday. The purpose of this season is to prepare for the celebration of the Lord's Resurrection at Easter. So, during Lent, we strive to connect with the Lord in prayer by reading Sacred Scripture, serve others through giving alms, and practice self-control through fasting.

Most people observing Lent choose to either give something up or take on something new during these 40 days. The idea is that this sacrifice will bring you closer to God. This is the part of Lenten practice that I personally resonate with. I don't usually abstain from eating meat on Fridays, but perhaps I might give it a shot this year.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

From Frustration to Freedom: Why I'm Finally Giving Up on Growing on Instagram

From now on, I'm stepping away from the crazy rat race of trying to grow my following on Instagram. It's become such an unnecessary source of stress, and, honestly, I’ve had enough. You might have noticed that my blog posts have been dwindling. That's because I've been spending an inordinate amount of time figuring out what to post on Instagram. What will attract more followers? What do they want to see from me? And the truth is, I don’t really know. But I've reached a point where I don't care anymore. 

When I first launched Kerin's Korner in 2017, my goal was never to amass a huge following, especially not on Instagram. I wasn't even an Instagram user back then. I simply switched my personal account to a business one to promote my blog content. However, as my followers began to grow, so did the pressure to create Instagram-exclusive content. I remember hitting the 500 followers mark and feeling so thrilled. They were genuine followers, real people who truly cared about what I had to say. 

Now, my follower count hovers around 1800, but it dips a little more each day. I question the authenticity of most of them. I reckon about 500 of them are genuinely interested in my content. I toyed with the idea of starting anew with a fresh Instagram account to better engage and grow my audience. I even did some research on how to go about it. But, after much contemplation, I realized that's not the real problem. The issue lies in my reluctance to create content purely for Instagram growth. 

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