Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tuesdays with Kerin: Movies???

 Hello World!

So I think when last we spoke, I was anxiously awaiting the Clippers vs. Nuggets Game 7 of the Western Semi-finals,  and it did not disappoint. Talk about a comeback. They tryna make me a Nuggets fan!  But now they have gone on and earned the right to play Lebron and his Lakers. And so far, no good. They almost had it last game, but then there was Antony Davis so... But the Celtics-Heat series, is just as great as I thought it would be. I can't even decide who to go for. I just like both of those team so much. I like how hard they play and how they play as team. They're just both really fun to watch. 

But that's enough about the NBA #ballislife. Well... hmmm... I don't really have anything else to talk about. I mean last week all I did was work in the call center, which was so awfully terrible.  Other than that, I finally did a little more unpacking, so my room in coming together nicely. I still need just few more things for my room and bathroom, and then I think it'll be done, and I can show it on here!

Unfortunately, I have not been to the movies, since Tenet, which is so unlike me, I watch movies for the sake of watching movies, even though nothing new I has really come out. Now, I know I never posted my review of Tenet or New Mutants. I thought since the movies have been out for so long now, the review would be too old, and no one would really care. But you guys let me know if you'd be interested in me reviewing older movies, because I saw movies right up until COVID shut down all the theatres. I could also review like Netflix movies, like I'm probably gonna watch The Devil All the Time because Bill  Skarsgard and I'm definitely watching The Boys in the Band because Matt Bomer. So I could review those movies, if people are interested.  It's a weird time now, because there aren't new movies in theatres every week, so I don't really know what to review. 

I will leave you here. I think that is all for now. Until next time!

Au Revoir,

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tuesdays with Kerin: Yeah I Know

 Hello World!

Yeah I know, I only posted once last week...

Yeah I know, I said I would get back to my regularly scheduled posts...

Yeah I  know, I was supposed to write my review of New Mutants or Tenet

Yeah I know, I lied.

But hey, I'm back now. It's not that I didn't want to post last week or didn't think about it. I just didn't do it. But let's not dwell on the past. Today is a new day and a new week and new chance to do things right.  I already did my fist makeup posts since  May 2018 yesterday, which if you haven't check out you should, so this week is already turning out better than last. 

I don't think I did anything really last week. I maybe got some more stuff for our apartment. I went grocery shopping. I still haven't really unpacked, so I should probably start doing that. I started and finished Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix. If you like Kenny Ortega and are a fan of things like Descendants and High School Musical, then you should check it out! I quite enjoyed it. But now I don't know what to watch. I started re-watching Dr. Who - only Daivd Tenant's seasons, but I would like to watch something new. So any recommendation send them my way. 

But in reality I've really just been watching a lot of playoff basketball. The Rockets officially imploded this weekend, losing 3-1 to LeBron - I'm sorry I meant the Lakers, and to top it off D'Antoni said he will not be returning, so yeah... But somehow the Nuggets have managed to hang on, so there will be a Game 7 tonight, and I love Game 7s.  I was all prepared for an LA vs LA conference final, but I love a comeback, and now the Nuggets now have me invested in  them, when I really should not care. They'll probably let me down, but GO NUGGETS!. In the east though, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to - Miami vs. Boston. These are two excellent defensive teams, so this conference finals should be amazing! But we shall see. The Rockets may be gone, but I'm still all in on the longest season of the NBA!

That's all for now! Until next time.

Au Revoir,

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Makeup Monday: Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

 Hello World!

So Selena Gomez has come out with her own makeup line - Rare Beauty! And it was no soft launch like a lot of new brands do. It has nearly everything. I'm talking face, lips, brow, and even brushes! The only thing the collection was really missing was eyeshadow. But there was enough to do a full face of Rare Beauty!

So I ordered basically one of everything, so I could try it all out. Without further ado, here's my review of Rare Beauty!

Always An Optimist Illuminating Primer

This was the first official product I tried from the line, and I liked it. It's very lightweight and feels great on the skin. It's like putting on a moisturizer, but it's not greasy. It gives the skin a healthy glow. The full size retails for $26, but there's also a travel size for $14, if you just want to test it out. I would recommend this product, if you're looking an illuminating and moisturizing primer.

Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

First, I would like to say that the shade range is pretty good. I'm shade 450N, and it's a great match. This foundation feels like you have nothing on and it looks like skin, but it still provides good coverage. It's definitely not full coverage, but it is enough. I would say it's like  medium build-able. It has a more semi-matte, than natural finish. If you have oily skin, you may get a little shiny throughout the day, but you should be fine if you set it with powder. But overall I really liked this foundation, and as an added bonus, it lasted under my mask! It retails for $29.

Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer

I think the concealer and foundation shades are meant to go together, because I was shade 450N in the concealer, and it's not an exact match to my foundation shade. It's a little lighter, so perfect for the under-eye highlight. The concealer though unfortunately is one of my least favorite items in the line. It's not a bad concealer, it's just not my favorite. The consistency is a  little watery, and it's a little shiny when it dries down. I prefer matte concealers. I tried to just go with the glowy luminous look that permeates throughout this whole line, but I eventually I had to put some Laura Mercier translucent powder under my eyes. And when I set it, I liked it a lot more. If you don't mind your concealer being a little shiny, then I recommend this product, because the coverage is good! You can pick it up for $19.

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush 

This product was a surprise for me. I did't expect to like it, but it is amazing! I picked up two shades, one matte finish (Faith) and one radiant finish (Joy). And they are so beautiful. They apply easily and blend perfectly. It just melts into your skin to give you this beautiful natural from within looking flush. I love it! It's definitely the MVP of the collection and I will be getting more shades! These cost $20.

Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight

I picked up the shade Reflect, which is a deep bronze. This highlight comes in 8 shades total, and this is the darkest one. It's really beautiful, and it has a great applicator like the blush that makes it easy to apply. It also doesn't dry down really quickly, so you have time blend it out, but it also blends really easily, and just melts into your skin. I'll probably pick up some more shades of this as well. These costs $22.

Liquid Touch Foundation Brush & Concealer Brush 

I really like the shape of these brushes. They make it really easy to get into all the curves and hard to reach places of your face, particularly under the eye. They are also very soft. The foundation brush is $28 and the concealer brush is $16.

Liquid Touch Multi-Tasking Makeup Sponge

This is the one product I didn't really test out, but I generally don't use makeup sponges. I just prefer brushes. But I will say that this sponge is really soft. It feels sort of like memory foam. I used it to blend out some edges, and it did it's job. So if you like makeup sponges, maybe check this one out. It retails for $14.

Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel

Brow products are something that I am really passionate about, and this did not disappoint. The pencil wax has a really nice consistency and it's easy to blend. I got the shade Deep Brown. It has a triangle-shaped tip. I prefer more precise tips, like Brow Wiz, but I didn't mind this one. It was still easy to work with. Although you can't create individual hair strokes, like you would be able to do with a more precise tip. Now I would prefer a wand, so I could comb through my hairs, on the the other end, but instead this is a dual sided brow pencil and gel product, so you get the brow gel on the other end. The gel provides a good amount of hold, without making your brows stiff. This costs $22.

Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner 

Okay, so if the Blush was the MVP, this liner was runner-up. This liner is so easy to use - creating a wing took me no time at all. It's super black and super matte, and it lasts all day! It is a perfect liquid liner. I would definitely recommend it. You can get it for $19.

Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick

I picked up the shade Inspire, which is supposedly Selena's go-to shade, but whatever. It's a bright red. I didn't really care for the applicator, but I like the color. It's a matte finish, but it's not drying. At first I didn't really like this lipstick, because it was so difficult to apply, because the applicator didn't allow for precise lip lines,  and the color didn't apply evenly, so I had to apply multiple layers. But once it dried down, this lipstick did not budge. Not after eating, and even under my mask! So yeah, it definitely grew on me. These retail for $20.

With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm 

Now this product is much more my speed, than the liquid lipstick. This is just a nourishing lip balm with a hint of color. I picked up the shade Thankful, which is a nude mauve. I feel like it did a good job of hydrating my lips, and it is just pigmented enough to show that I tried. It retails for $16.

Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Prime & Set Mist

This setting spray does a good job of refreshing the skin and setting the makeup. It has a good fine mist. I didn't really notice any fragrance. Overall no complaints! It retails for $24.

Blot & Glow Touch-Up Kit

If there was one product to pass on in the collection, this would be it. It looks really cute, but it's really not worth the coin. The powder is not great, especially if you actually have really oily skin, and the blotting sheets are nothing special. But compact is cute, and it has nice size mirror, but you can get these same sort of products elsewhere. It retails for $26.

Overall, I think this a beautiful collection. It's all very glowy and luminous, and loving the skin I'm in, but also it has some products for when you want to be super made up like the liquid lipstick and liquid eyeliner. There was nothing over $30, so the prices are pretty good. I think it has a bit of something for all types of makeup users. So well done, Ms. Gomez.

Happy Makeup Monday!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tuesdays With Kerin: I've moved!!!

 Hello World!

I bet you didn't think you'd be hearing from me again! I apologize for taking last week off, but I was working in the call center, and then I got sick, so yeah. Anyway, I'm working from home this week, so I can get back to my regularly scheduled postings. 

So what have I been up to these past 2 weeks? Well thank you for asking.  My time was mostly consumed with my sister and I looking for a new place to stay, and we found it! And omg did we get a steal! The day after we reserved our apartment, the price went up by $600! So yeah, I'm glad we locked it in when we did. Then last week was just packing up and then I got sick which wasn't great, but I think I was just exhausted and really needed to rest, but I'm feeling much better now.  

Friday, we had our first meal in the new place, which was Chick-fil-a, which was right on par with the first meal we had at our old place, which was Taco Bell and Canes, so...gross! #winning. We officially moved in Saturday and spend our first night in our place, which was great until 3 in the morning, when the alarm decided to malfunction and proceeded to incessantly blare until the maintenance guy came 30 minutes later. So yeah, that sucked.  Other that mishap, everything else seems to be going well. I'll try to do a photo tour on here, when everything is all set up. 

Other news on the movie front, I saw Tenent last night, and New Mutants some time ago, I don't remember. But you'll have a review for one of those this week. Maybe both, but no promises! 

That's all for now.

Au Revoir,

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Friday, August 28, 2020

Watch or Nah? : Unhinged

 Hello World!

It was the first weekend of movie theater re-opening, and this is what we got!

Film/ Television Show Information

Name: Unhinged

Genre:  Action, Thriller

Director : Derrick Borte

Main Cast:  Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius, Jimmi Simpson


1 = Trash

2 =Meh

3 = OK

4 = Solid

5 = Bomb

Acting/ Performance


Academy-award winner Russell Crowe is the star of this film, and he does a great job of playing  raging lunatic. And overall the acting is fine, but there were a few times where I just wasn't believing 'Kyle'. And maybe that's just me being hard on child actors.



From the opening scenes, you could tell this film was going to be too much. From all the random news clips and sound bites, you could tell the writers really couldn't pick the message they were trying to send, so they picked them all. It's like someone asked them "What are you trying to convey in this film?" And they answered "Yes"



I get what the filmmakers were trying to do with the in car driving shots and close ups, but some of the scenes that were meant to be foreshadowing were too obvious and heavy handed. It was like make sure you look hear where she puts her phone, because it won't be there when she gets back.

Costume Design


I'm not going to knock any major points off for costumes. I mean it is what is for a film like this, and there were no obvious mistakes. 

Editing/Special Effects


Minus the beginning, which felt a little choppy to me, it got most things right.



Like most things in this film, the score was pretty bland. It played bad guy music for the bad guy, intense music for the intense scenes, etc. It didn't really add anything to the film.

Overall Rating (average the rating numbers above)  - 2.6/5.0

Recommendation: Nah! 😕

Honestly, if this hadn't been the only new movie playing, I wouldn't have watched it. I heard this movie was bad, so I came in with low expectations, and it did not disappoint. This is a bad movie. I would not recommend it. There is really nothing worth watching in this movie, unless you just have to see all of Russell Crowe's films.  If you really just want to see a movie, then by all means, go see Unhinged, otherwise I'd pass.

Au Revoir,

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kerin's Top Ten: Netflix Shows

 Hello World!

So thanks to COVID, I think we've all been spending more time on streaming services. Now I was already a binge-watcher, so that didn't really change, but I thought I'd let you guys now what I've been watching on Netflix. So here's my top ten Netflix shows (Netflix originals - not just shows I watch on Netflix because I can't be bothered to keep up with watching the show every week)

 1. Queer Eye

"You being your true self isn't going to offend anybody. It's very unlikely that people are going to cause you an issue just because you are being yourself. And if they're concerned, that's on them. You're happy." — Tan France

Netflix GIF by Queer Eye - Find & Share on GIPHY

    This show just brings me pure joy, and that's all I'm going say about it!

2.  Lucifer

“The good news is that whilst all dogs go to Heaven, you’d be surprised how many pigs are waiting for you in Hell.”  - Lucifer

Angry Lucifer Morningstar GIF by Lucifer - Find & Share on GIPHY

I know it's technically not a Netflix original, but the last two seasons are, so it counts. This show combines two of my favorite genres: Supernatural fantasy and crime procedural. So if you're a fan of those genres as well, you'll love it. 

3.  The Dragon Prince

Callum - The Dragon Prince Gif on We Heart It

I wasn't expecting to like this show, but it was a surprise. It starts off slow, but after the first 2 or 3 episodes, it really gets going, and you'll be hooked into the story!

 4. Daredevil

 “I’m not seeking penance for what I’ve done, I’m asking forgiveness…for what I’m about to do.” - Matt Murdock

Daredevil Gif Thread | The SuperHeroHype Forums

I think this was first Netflix original I watched that I actually enjoyed, and it still remains one of my favorites. 

5. Altered Carbon

Science Fiction GIF by NETFLIX

This one was another surprise.  I'm not even sure why I decided to watch it, but I was instantly hooked. I watched the whole first season in 2 days (and only took me 2 days, because I started at 10 o'clock at night)

6. The Bodyguard

The most shocking moments in Netflix's Bodyguard

So yeah I know that technically this is a BBC show, but it was distributed through Netflix in my country, so it's a Netflix original for me. And also, it's just really good. This show gets going from the jump, and it's just full of twists and turns until the end. It's only 6 episodes, but it's a lot.

7. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever: Season 2? When Might It Release On Netflix?

I loved this show. It's so cute and funny. It's exactly what you want in a teenage coming of age show. I really hope it gets a season 2!

8. Castlevania

"Killing you was the point. Living through it was just a luxury." - Trevor Belmont

Castlevania GIFs | Tenor

I remember watching this show because the first season was so short, so I thought even if I didn't like it, I wouldn't be wasting too much time. But then I watched it and I liked it. If you're a fan of supernatural shows, like me, then you'll like it. 

9. Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown Netflix GIF by Stranger Things - Find & Share ...

It took me a long time to give this show a chance, because I'm not usually a fan of children main characters, but despite that I still enjoy the show. 

10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

"I Envy You. I've Never Been Able To Meet Me." - Titus
Kimmy Schmidt Dancing GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Find ...

This show was a major suprise for me, because I am really particular about comedies. I don't really watch them, but this show is HILARIOUS.  

Au Revoir 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tuesdays with Kerin: Welcome Back Tuesday

Dogs Love GIF by Chippy the Dog - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hello World!

Happy Belated Kobe Day...Happy Pre-Hump day... hmmm... neither one of those really work, but today is Tuesday, August 25,2020, and I am back, so Happy Tuesday. Happy Welcome Back Tuesday! I don't know what I'm saying. It's been so long since I've done this. In fact it's been exactly 2 years. That's right, my last post was 2 years ago today. That's crazy. 

You're probably wondering why I decided to try to blog again after so long. Well, I was bored one day, and I came across my blog. It was fun  going through my old posts, and I remembered how much joy I use to get from it. And I thought why not give it another go. I'm not promising that I will be perfect and post everyday or even every week, but I will be posting again. I'm trying to find things that make me happy, and blogging made me happy, so I'm going to try it again.

Now it's been way too long for me to try to catch you up on everything, so I won't. But like everyone else COVID sort of put my life on pause for while, but things are starting to get back to normal. NBA is back. Movie theaters are open (review of Unhinged coming soon). So basically my whole life is back.  But I guess there are some big things that have happened in my 2 year hiatus that you should know about. 

Firs,t I bought my first car. It's a white Kia Soul, and I love it! I was so happy. I got exactly what I wanted. 

 Secondly, I graduated from college. Yeah, so now I am a full-time adult, and yeah it sucks. It's not that I miss school so much as I miss not having to go to work.  Anyway, those are the big things. I want to keep this post pretty short and sweet, so I'll end it here, but you'll be hearing from me soon!

Au Revoir,