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Friday, March 31, 2017

Kerin's Top Ten: The Art of the One-piece

Hello World!

This afternoon, I would like to give some praise to an incredible clothing item doesn't get enough credit. And that is the all so wonderful One-piece (or onesie in some circles).  Now I love a good a one-piece. I would live in them all the time if I could, but they haven't become universally accepted in all places, because PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE GREATNESS.

Here are my top ten reasons why the one-piece is the single greatness piece of clothing ever invented.

1. It's a shirt, pants and hat (and socks/shoes if you have footies) all in one. What?!? Nuff said.

2. It's easily the most comfortable item in your wardrobe. 

Welcome - First Post

Hello World!

As you can obviously tell from the title, this is my first post to my new blog! (Yay! Applause!). In this blog, I plan to cover various topics because I'm an expert on everything. Just kidding! But I dabble in a lot so... yeah.

The plan is to post everyday. I know lofty, but I think I can do it.  I plan to follow the schedule below:

Sundays: Story Updates
Mondays: Make Up Tutorial
Tuesdays: Life Update
Wednesdays: Movie/ TV Review
Thursdays: Makeup Product Review
Fridays: Kerin's Top Tens
Saturdays: Random Post

And that's all. Feel free to subscribe and leave comments!

Au Revoir!

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