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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Life Update: Happy Playoffs!

Hello World! Happy NBA Playoff Season! #DUBnation #StrengthinNumbers

I'm so excited the playoffs started this weekend! It's my favorite part of the year - it's like a holiday season for me. And I think the season started off well withe the Pacers - Cavs game, which was really close, but the Pacers couldn't close it out. (PG said he has to be the one to take the last shot!) I am excited to see what happens, but I predict it will be Golden State and Cleveland coming out the west and east respectively for another Finals rematch. 

So, in my last update, I said was thinking about taking up one of the other fellows offer to ride together to New Orleans, and I did end up contacting her, and we're going to iron out the details together later. 

Sorry this post is so short, but honestly I don't have that much to update on. But if you haven't already you should listen to K-Dot's DAMN. It's no I Decided, but it's pretty great! 

Au Revoir!

P.S. My left stroke just went viral... 

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