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Monday, January 25, 2021

How to achieve that JLo Glow: JLo Beauty Honest First Impressions

 Hello World,

Last week, the always beautiful Jennifer Lopez launched her very own skincare line. It consists of seven glow-enhancing products, which makes since from JLo. And who doesn't what to have that JLo Glow? Well, I know I do, so when I saw her line was available from Sephora, I ordered immediately!

Get that JLo Glow? Yes, Please!

J-Lo Beauty Products

Of the seven products, I tried 5. Before I get into my review, let's quickly go over the two products I didn't get. First off, I didn't get That Big Screen Moisturizer. It claims to be a lightweight moisturizer with SPF 30,  that visibly plumps and protects the skin. There are two moisturizers in the line, and I decided to get the other one, which I will talk about later. No knocks on this one, but I just decided not to get it. Maybe I will try it at some other point. The other product that I didn't get was That Fresh Take Eye Cream, which I'm mad about because I am positive when I went online to Sephora to buy my stuff, it was not there. I'm sure I would have bought it because I'm always looking for new eye creams, because my dark circles are real. If you want to see what eye creams I'm currently using, you can see my full skin care routine here! Now, this eye cream claims to have patented peptides that reduce the look of dark circles and also helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Doesn't that sound great? I sounds exactly like something I would buy, so maybe I will in the future, but for now onto the stuff I did get. 

JLo Glow 4-Piece Kit

If you're looking to just try JLo Beauty, I would recommend getting the JLo Glow 4-Piece Kit, which comes with the cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and the complexion booster. The products are all smaller sizes, but it's a good way to just try everything without having to pay for full-size products. It retails for $64, which I think is a great deal, since every product individually is over $30. 

That Hit Single Gel-Cream Cleanser - $38

The first product I tried was the cleanser. It's described as a silky-gel cleanser, and it claims to remove dirt and makeup in one wash and also unclogs pores.  I will say it definitely is a silky-gel and it does feel great when you apply it to your skin. Instructions say to apply it to wet skin and then massage all over face, and I found when I was massaging into my skin, I could actually feel it and see it clearing out my pores. I felt like it was lightly exfoliating my skin, which was great, and my skin felt squeaky- clean and soft afterwards.  All in all, I was quite impressed with this cleanser, and will definitely continue to use it. 

That JLo Glow Serum with Olive Complex - $79

Next, I tried the JLo Glow Serum. This gel serum claims to visibly brighten, tighten, and lift. It also provides all-day hydration and an instant glow to the skin. After I applied, I definitely felt my skin tighten and I saw the instant glow. I don't know if I saw visible brightening of my skin, because my skin wasn't dull after I used the cleanser. And as for all-day hydration, it's tough to say if it was the serum or the moisturizer, but between the combination of them both, my skin was hydrated all day! I don't think I'll buy more of this product. I might continue to use what I already have, but I don't think it did enough for me and my skin concerns to warrant me buying it again. And there's another product in the collection that does some of the same things, that I liked a lot more, which I'll get into later. 

That Blockbuster Wonder Cream with Hyaluronic Acid - $58

My favorite product from the whole line was this moisturizer cream. It is amazing! JLo aptly called it a Wonder Cream because it is wonderful. This ultra-rich moisturizer is said to be formulated with Olive Complex, potent peptides and hyaluronic acid and it's said to provide long-lasting hydration and a dewy glow. And I have to say yes and yes! Like I said before, my skin was hydrated all day and there definitely was glow to my skin after I applied it. It wasn't a greasy off-putting shiny mess. It was a nice glow, like "oh wow, you have healthy hydrated skin!" I really liked how this moisturizer feels. It's hard to describe - it's very creamy, but it also has like a bounce to it. I don't know, but it feels amazing, and it just soaks into your skin and you can feel that instant hydration and see that instant glow. It was after I applied this moisturizer that I really felt I had that JLo Glow! So I will definitely be keeping this in my skincare collection and adding it to my routine.  

That Star Filter Highlighting Complexion Booster - $39.00

Next, was the complexion booster, which is described as a sheer skin-enhancing serum formulated with light-bouncing pigments to give  your skin a subtle or all-over glow. This product comes in 4 different colors - Pink Champagne, Rose Gold, Warm Bronze, and Rich Bronze. I got the shade Warm Bronze, which I would describe as a neutral gold, which would probably be suitable for tan and dark skin tones. This product can be used 2 ways. You can mix in with the moisturizer or liquid foundation for an all-over glow or you can use it as a highlighter and apply it to the high points of your face. I used it as both, and I liked it. I mixed into my foundation, and I thought it added a nice subtle glow to my skin.  I used a matte foundation because I didn't want to be too dewy. As a liquid highlighter, this stuff is bomb! It gives that really great high shine sun-kissed glow, and it blends easily into the skin. I really liked this product and will continue to use it. 

That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask - $18.00 - $48.00
That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask

Lastly, I tried the sheet mask. Disclaimer, I am a mask fiend. And I particularly love sheet masks, so I had to buy this. So you can get one mask for $18 or a pack of 3 for $48. I sadly only got one, because the 3-pack was sold out. 😞 This is a two-piece mask that's infused with the JLo Glow Serum that claims to tighten, plump and radiate the skin. Now even though it says it's just the serum in mask form, I liked this product so much more than the serum. I felt the mask really plumped my skin, which I did not feel from the serum alone. I think it's because you keep that mask on for 10 minutes and that really lets the serum soak into your skin. Like, I felt the tingling sensation of the serum working even after I removed the mask. So, I really liked this mask and I would recommend it.

In summary, JLo Beauty gets 2 thumbs up from me!👍👍👏 I think the products are great. The packaging is beautiful. Everything is fragrance-free, which is great for sensitive skin or sensitive noses like mine! So if you want to get that JLo Glow, go ahead and pick up your Glow kit and try it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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~Au Revoir


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