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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Kerin's Korner 2021 Intentions

 Hello World!

It's a new year which means new goals, but instead of setting goals this year I'll be working on intentions, both personally and for Kerin's Korner.  Here are my 2021 intentions for Kerin's Korner

Detail of the text 2021

1. At least 2 new blog posts a week

2. At least 1 new movie review a month

3. At least 1 movie review a week

4. At least 1 makeup tutorial a month

5. At least 1 new makeup  review a month

6. At least 1 fashion blog post a month

7. No more than 3 days between blog posts

8.  At least 3 Instagram posts a week

9. At least 1 outfit of the day Instagram post a week

10. HAVE FUN!!!

Au Reviour


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