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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Growing from Seeds: Beginner Herb Garden Tips

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I'm writing this on MLK Day, so Happy Belated MLK Day! I had to work on MLK Day, which is blasphemous, so I didn't do anything to celebrate. But work is back in full force now. When I said work was picking up last week, I was not kidding. I literally have so much work to do, after basically two weeks of doing nothing. Fortunately, I'm still working from home, which makes things a little easier. 
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So garden update - last week I was going on and on about how I excited I was for my garden,  and how great it has been. Well, this week things have taken a turn. My cilantro is not thriving as it once was, but it appears to recuperating now. Here are some tips and things I have learned in my herb garden journey:
1.  Water your herbs about once week. The top soil should be dry before you water again to avoid over watering.

2. Water thoroughly. When water is dripping out the bottom of your pot, then you've watered enough.

3. When warm, let your seedlings sit outside in direct sunlight for a few hours. I've found this to most helpful for growth, since most of my apartment is shaded.

4. Don't leave your seedlings out at night.

5. Water with warm water. This is easy way to keep your seedlings warm, when it's cold or there isn't much sunlight.

6. Once your seedlings grow to about 4 inches, cut away the weaker sprouts, so the stronger ones can grow fuller. This was the hardest for me because I didn't want to lose any of my sprouts, but not thinning out my cilantro caused it to start to wilt,  so this is a very important step.

7. Buy drip trays. Unless you want a mess in your house, these are a must.

8. Check on your seedlings everyday. This is the fun part. You get to see the progress and address any issues. 

9. Turn your pots regularly. I find that my herbs tend to stretch in the direction of sun, so turning them regularly allows them to grow straight. 

10. Have patience. Growing from seeds takes time and it's a learning process.
indoor garden

Overall, I am still very excited for the future of my garden, and I'm looking forward to learning more. I can't wait until Spring, so I can get my raised garden bed and move seedlings outside! I apologize for all the unsolicited garden advice but that's where I am.

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What I'm Reading: I'm still listening to Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I literally only have  1 hour left. I would definitely recommend this series if you're a fan of YA fantasy. 

What I'm Watching:  Teen Wolf - particularly Season 3B and Season 6A because those are the Stiles' seasons, so they're the best. 

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