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Monday, February 8, 2021

How to get the Perfect Romantic Valentine's Makeup with Beauty Bakerie?

 Hello World,

Happy Makeup Monday!

Today I have a makeup tutorial for you! Yay! I created this simple soft glam look, that can be used for any of the special occasions or holidays this weekend  - rather that's Valentine's Day, Galentine's day or what I celebrate on February 14th - Frederick Douglass's birthday. 

Valentin's Day Makeup look using Beauty Bakerie products

This post is brought to you in part by Beauty Bakerie... I'm just kidding. This is not a sponsored post, but I did use mostly Beauty Bakerie products to create this look. Not because they asked be to. I just used them because their products are banging! If you want to know more about Beauty Bakerie, you should check out my last post about Black Owned Makeup Brands you should be supporting right now!  Although, since I used almost all Beauty Bakerie products, this is almost a B.O.M.B. Makeup tutorial, it is not completely. So, since you guys requested it, I will be doing a full B.O.M.B. Makeup tutorial soon. I just need to, and by need to I mean just want to, get a few more items. So stay tuned. But here is the step by step tutorial on how to create this perfect romantic makeup look using some boss products from Beauty Bakerie.!

Step 1: Prime!  After completing my full skincare routine, including using my new go-to moisturizer the JLo Beauty That Blockbuster Wonder Cream ( see my full review here), I primed my skin using the e.l.f. Matte Putty Primer, so I could get a smooth poreless look. This primer is not only good for shine control, but also good for gripping your makeup so it lasts longer!

Beauty Bakerie InstaBake Foundation in shade 317W
Step 2: Foundation!  Next I applied the Beauty Bakerie InstaBake Aqua Glass Foundation. This foundation is FULL coverage, but it is not heavy or uncomfortable. I love this foundation because it doesn't feel like you're wearing any foundation, it blends effortlessly, and it covers everything! Zero to flawless in less than 60 seconds! I used the shade 317W. 
Beauty Bakerie InstaBake Concealer in the Shade 007
Step 3: Concealer! 
I applied concealer in my usual fashion - to brighten my under eye area and to highlight the bridge of my nose and my chin I used the Beauty Bakerie InstaBake 3-in-1 concealer in the shade 007 Creme Bru-slay. I really like this concealer because it is full coverage (notice running theme), but also hydrating. Warning, this concealer does dry down pretty quickly, so you need to blend it out pretty fast, but it blends easily so it's not really a problem.  [ Side note: Can we just take a moment to appreciate the amazing shade names? I use Creme Bru-slay, but there's also Butter Back Off, Phun Inteneded, Jamsterdam, and many more fun and cute names!]

Step 4: Powder!
Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder in Shade Plantain
 I of course used the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder.  This is hands down the best translucent setting powder, especially for brown skin. I always try new powders and I like a lot of them, but I always go back to this powder. It blurs your pores and softens your complexion to give you that perfect airbrushed look, and I love it! Therefore this powder will always be in stock in my makeup collection. For this look used the shade Plantain, but I go back and forth between Plantain and Cassava. I only used powder to set my concealer. I didn't baked, which I haven't been doing for a while, and it's been working for me. 

Step 5: Eyebrows!  
To fill in my brows,  I used the Maybelline Brow Ultra Slim eyebrow pencil in the shade Black Brown. This is my go to brow pencil at the moment ( see how I used it my 15 minute full face makeup tutorial), because it has a precise tip and it's a nice shade and undertone. It's also super affordable! 

Step 6: Bronzer! 
I applied bronzer to the perimeter and contours of my face. I used the shade Anti-Depresso in the Beauty Bakerie Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer Palette.  This bronzer has a shine to it, which I usually don't care for, but this one is flattering because it has it's not too shimmery and it has a really warm rich red undertone, which is perfect for bronzers for my skin tone. 
Beauty Bakerie Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer Palette

Step 7: Highlight!  Using the  same palette, I applied highlighter  to the tops of my cheeks, browbone, and bridge of my nose. I used the shade You're Grounded, which is a neutral gold shade. 

Step 8: Blush! 
I applied blush in between my highlight and bronzer in an upward motion from the apple of my cheeks to the top of my cheekbone. I used the shade La Vida Mocha from the same palette!  This is a super vibrant, super pigmented, red-orange blush that looks great on dark skin.

Close up of Eye makeup look using Beauty Bakerie Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer Palette
Step 9: Eyes!  
To really tie this whole look together, I used the same colors I used on my face on my eyes. So as you may have guessed,  I used the Coffee & Cocoa bronzer palette again! To create this look, I first applied the shade Deja Brew into my crease and on my lid. Then I blended the shade Anti-Depresso into the outer portion of my eye. I then applied the shade La Vida Mocha to the center of my lid. Next, I  applied the shade You're Grounded from the inner-corner to the center of my lid, blending it with La Vida Mocha.  I also applied this shade as brow bone highlight. Lastly, I went back in with Deja Brew to blend  around everything to make sure there weren't any harsh lines. 

Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Matte Liner
Step 10: Eyeliner!  I felt like this look called for winged liner, so I obliged. I tried the e.l.f. Line & Define Eye Tape, which actually works great. They don't take off a lot makeup when you remove them, and it's really helpful if you struggle with winged liner. I used to regular scotch tape, when I first started learning how to do winged liner, so this was an upgrade. If you're going to use tape for your eyeliner, I would do your eyes before your face, so you don't mess up any of the work that you put into your base. I didn't this time because I wasn't planning on using this tape. I just saw them in my makeup collection and decided to try them for the first time! I used the Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner ( see my full review of Rare Beauty here). 

Step 11: Set! I used the Rare Beauty Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Prime & Set Mist to set all the powders on my face. 
Smash Box Fanned - Out Mascara

Step 12: Mascara!
  For mascara, I used the  Smashbox SuperFan Fanned-out mascara. This mascara is really great in giving the illusion of super long and full lashes, so I love it!

Step 13: Lips! To create this custom lip shade, I first lined my lip with the ColourPop Lippie Pencil in the shade BFF4, which is a dark brown shade. I then applied the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in the shade Sangaria Splash (rich berry), and on top of that I applied another Lip Whip in the shade Hazelnut Swirl (metallic brown), and I blended those shades together. And then finally for a highlight in the  center of my lips,  I applied another Lip Whip in the shade Triple Berry Mousse. 

Step 14: Selfie! Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter kerinskorner.com, etc. 

Au Revoir, 

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