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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Tuesdays with Kerin: Sluggish Muse & Lazy Shoes

Last week was a bit of a rollercoaster for me, as I grappled with a persistent lack of motivation in both my creative pursuits and my training sessions. Despite the inner struggles, I managed to push through and churn out three blog posts - one for a Tuesday update and two reviews for Kerin's Kritiques. While these posts didn't demand a huge burst of creativity, I was proud of my consistency.

On the fitness front, I powered through three challenging runs and conquered both strength training sessions, refusing to let my wavering motivation dictate my progress. It was a mental battle as much as a physical one, but I embraced the challenge head-on.

The week also brought its fair share of memorable moments. Monday saw me venturing to the cinema for an exhilarating 4DX experience with The Fall Guy. The aftermath left me soaked and with a sore neck from all the action. It had been a while since I'd been to a 4DX movie, and I was underprepared for how much I was being thrown around. Perhaps, I should have worn a sports bra for that wild ride!

Tuesday was a mental battle as I struggled to complete my first run of the week, but I persevered. I capped off the day with a second viewing of Fall Guy, this time sharing the experience with my brother as part of our Movie Tuesday tradition. Wednesday threw me off a bit as I decided to skip my run due to sheer exhaustion after work. Instead, I opted for an easy upper body strength training session and treated myself to an early screening of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

By Thursday, my creative well had seemingly dried up, posing a challenge in crafting Friday's blog post - a hurdle that had been looming for weeks. In the end, Friday didn't see any writing for the blog post, and my motivation continued to wane. The struggle continued into Friday evening, where motivation was at an all-time low. It took a lot of convincing to get myself out for a run, but the sense of accomplishment afterward made it worthwhile.

However, by Saturday, I felt revitalized and well-rested, prompting me to kickstart the day with a morning run. With training out of the way, I had the luxury of a relaxed day ahead. I went to IHOP with my mother and brother, and tried the IF menu. The menu was good, but still not sure about the movie! Sunday was of course Mother's Day, a day dedicated to spoiling my mother with a shopping spree at Coach! We followed up with a delightful lunch at a new BBQ spot and the evening was spent cozily watching Criminal Minds and snacking on grapes and Cool Ranch Doritos.

Here's to hoping that the upcoming week brings a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation!

Weekly Obsession: No new obsession this week. I even stopped watching Knuckles... well not as much!

What I'm Reading:  No new reads. I'm still open to recommendations!

What I'm Watching: I actually didn't watch Tracker this week. I did rewatch Blood of Zeus in preparation of the new season. 

Au Revior,


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