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Friday, May 5, 2017

Kerin's Top Ten: Chris Brown Songs

Hello World! 

Today is Chris Brown's 28th birthday. Happy Birthday C-Breezy! I have been listening to Chris Brown for over ten years now. I mean his first album came out in 2005. And throughout this period, I think he has blessed us with some gems. There have clearly been some lows in his career, but I'm here for the music, and there's no denying he's a talented artist. So in honor of his birthday, here are my top ten favorite Chris Brown songs!

10. Don't Wake Me Up (2012) - Fortune

9. I Can Transform Ya (2009) - Graffiti 

8. Look At Me Now (2011) - F.A.M.E.

7. Gimme That (Remix) (2006) - Chris Brown

6. Loyal (2014) - X

5. Party (2016) - Heartbreak on a Full Moon

4. Yo (Excuse Me Miss) (2005) - Chris Brown

3. Kiss Kiss (2007) - Exclusive

2. Say Goodbye (2006) - Chris Brown

1. With You (2007) - Exclusive

Deuces 🖑𝣾𝣿

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