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Friday, March 31, 2017

Kerin's Top Ten: The Art of the One-piece

Hello World!

This afternoon, I would like to give some praise to an incredible clothing item doesn't get enough credit. And that is the all so wonderful One-piece (or onesie in some circles).  Now I love a good a one-piece. I would live in them all the time if I could, but they haven't become universally accepted in all places, because PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE GREATNESS.

Here are my top ten reasons why the one-piece is the single greatness piece of clothing ever invented.

1. It's a shirt, pants and hat (and socks/shoes if you have footies) all in one. What?!? Nuff said.

2. It's easily the most comfortable item in your wardrobe. 

3. It takes the planning out of choosing your outfits, because you don't have to worry about things matching, because it's all one piece, so you can just grab your third piece, and you're out the door!

4. It's one size fits all, so you can share it with your friends and family.

5. It's style options are endless! There's superheroes, animals, food, and you can even get yours customized!

6. It'll keep you extra warm, when it's cold!

7. It's practical. I know you're thinking how? But really it's the easier way to make sure your body is completely covered in a simple outfit.

8. It saves you time. You can literally get dress in 30 seconds. 

9.  It'll make you stand you out! Everyone will be like 'whose that cool kid over there in the one piece?'

10.  It's FUN! And wearing it will make you feel fun!

Let's all go out and get some one pieces!
~ Kerin

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