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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Throwback Playlist: August 2012

Hello World! So I've recently been reunited with my old iPod I had during high school, and I've been enjoying rediscovering some gems from the past. So I thought I share with you one of my old playlists from 5 years ago. It was uniquely titles " Jams August 2012." Enjoy!

I don't even know what to say for this song...

This song is very catchy, I am not ashamed 

Ratchet, n*gga we act hood 
But I'm getting money with these white folk

Omg! Remember Fun?

No I don't understand why this is on my playlist. I'm so disappointed in myself.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't a Rihanna fan then, but try listening to this and not dancing. Try it. 

I can't get over the fact Wale and Gaga did a song together

The fact I still considered this a jam in 2012, just shows the Queen never goes out of style!

I'm sure this song had it's time but, yawn... 

I miss the old Weezy but the drugs really got him *sigh*

Au Revoir

P.S. Don't judge me....

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