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Welcome to Kerin's Korner - a guide to radiant living! 

The name's Erin, or should I say Kerin? You see, I've discovered that no matter how many times I correct people, they always seem to call me Kerin. So, I've decided to embrace it and make it my own. After all, life is too short to fret over mispronounced names, right? I'm a proud Houstonian through and through. Born and raised in the heart of Texas, I have always had a deep passion for numbers. So, it was only natural for me to pursue a degree in Mathematics. These logical and analytical skills have served me well in my current role in IT at a non-profit agency.

But that's not all there is to me! Beyond my 9 to 5 job, I am a certified Wellness and Life Coach. I find immense joy in guiding and inspiring people to live their best lives. It's amazing how small changes can make a world of difference! And let me tell you, I practice what I preach. Running, fitness, and beauty are like my holy trinity - they keep me grounded, motivated, and full of positive energy.

In 2017, during my college years, I felt the urge to document my journey and share my experiences with the world. That's how Kerin's Korner came to be. It's my little corner of the internet where wellness meets wonder - a place where you can find practical tips, inspirational stories, and perhaps even a little bit of magic sprinkled in. Through this blog, I offer a guide to radiant living, sharing tips and insights on various aspects of life. From mental and physical wellness to personal growth and self-care, you'll find it all here. Consider it your go-to destination for a healthy dose of inspiration.

Now, I must confess, my love for numbers and wellness isn't all that defines me. In fact, I have a little secret: I am an absolute film buff. Movies and TV shows have always held a special place in my heart, transporting me to different worlds and igniting my imagination. That's why, along with Kerin's Korner, I also maintain another blog called Kerin's Kritiques. It's the ultimate hub for all things movie and TV related, where I share my thoughts, reviews, and recommendations. If you share my love for all things cinema and television-related, then you'll definitely want to check it out! So, grab your popcorn, get cozy, and let's dive into the magical world of entertainment together.

So, whether you're looking for guidance on living your best life, tips on staying fit and healthy, or recommendations on the next great show to binge-watch, I'm your go-to gal. Join me on my journey as I continue to explore the wonders of life and share my insights with you. Let's create a life that's filled with radiance and joy together!

Where Wellness Meets Wonder, escape to Kerin's Korner!

Twitter: @kerinskorner
Facebook: Kerin's Korner

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