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Friday, January 22, 2021

Watch or Nah?: Come Play (2020)

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Here is my review of Come Play. I saw this movie at the movie theater back in October, and it's apparently still showing at some theaters, but it is available to watch on video on demand. This review was originally posted at 

Film/ Television Show Information

Name: Come Play

Genre:  Horror, Thriller

Director : Jacob Chase

Main Cast:  Azhy Robertson, Gillian Jacobs , John Gallagher Jr


1 = Trash

2 =Meh

3 = OK

4 = Solid

5 = Bomb

Acting/ Performance


Overall, the film is well acted, with Robertson giving a particularly good performance as Oliver. He embodies every essence of the character, while not making Oliver seem like a charcuterie of tics and mumbles.



This film had a lot of potential, but ultimately fell flat due to underdeveloped themes and ideas. I think Chase had a clear message he was trying to portray through the film, but it gets jumbled up in the uneven tone.



Chase does a good job of setting the tone with music and sound effects, and even the camera pans and angles to really build up the mood for that crazy, adrenaline-rushing scare you know is coming but still scares you anyway. Except when the actual fright comes it is just underwhelming. The buildup was more frightening than the actual event.

Costume Design


There was nothing special nor wrong with the costume design, which is to  be expected for a modern film about a more or less normal family.  

Editing/Special Effects


Over-reliance of jump scares and sound effects that adds to overall uneven tone of the film. 



 Nothing outstanding, but nothing shockingly bad.  

Overall Rating (average the rating numbers above)  - 3.3/5.0

Recommendation: Watch(ish)! 😐

Come Play is an ambitious film that attempts to tackle the topics of isolation, bullying, and modern technology through the lens of a monster story. I applaud the creativity, but the actual execution was not up to par. This film is by no means a bad movie, but it’s certainly nothing to write home about. It is just okay. would I recommend this movie? Sure. Like I said before, this is not a bad movie. It is not a good movie, but it’s not bad. I would recommend this film for a younger audience that enjoys the horror genre, but do not  want to see something this overly violent, bloody or gory. This is a good kid-friendly horror movie. It is sort of like a twisted fairy tale, you could say. Also, if you are a fan of the horror genre in general, you might enjoy it as well. It has good elements. They just do not all work together all the time. But, I will say this film was better than I expected, so why not give it a watch? You might be surprised.

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