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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2021

 Hello World,

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Last week, I gave my top ten most anticipated TV shows of 2021, so this week I will be discussing the movies I'm most looking forward to that are coming out this year.  I've been waiting a long time for a lot of these movies. Thank you corona 😡. So fingers crossed that all these movies are released this year and don't get pushed back.  Here, in no particular order,  are my top ten most anticipated movies of 2021: 

1. The Little Things

The Little Things poster

Rami Malek, Denzel Washington, and Jared Leto - nuff said. 

2. No Time to Die

No Time to Die poster

Also Rami Malek ... but I've really enjoyed Daniel Craig's Bond movies, and I'm excited to see how it ends... and also Rami Malek!

3. To All the Boys: Always and Forever 

To All the Boys: Always and Forever poster

Love the books, love the movies, so my Galentine's Day will filled with Lara Jean.

4.  A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II poster

I'm interested in seeing what's next in this story, because I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie. See my review here! 

5. In the Heights

In the heights poster

Sure this movie seems like just Hamilton-esque, but I really liked Hamilton so...

6. Matrix 4

Matrix 4 poster

The Matrix is one my absolute favorite movies, so when I heard they were making another one, I was all the way here for it. 

7. The King's Man

The King's Man poster

I liked the two original movies, but I'm curious to see what the franchise has in store without Taron Egerton. 

8. Morbius

Morbius poster

I'm a Jared Leto fan so... it is what it is

9. Space Jam 2: A New Legacy

Space Jam 2 : A New Legacy poster

Who doesn't like Space Jam? It's basketball and Looney Tunes. Also, Klay Thompson is in this movie, so #DubNation!

10. Dune

Dune poster

I don't know much about what exactly this movie is about, but it's based on YA fantasy novel, which you know I am always here for and Zendaya's in it, so sign me up!

Au Revior,




  1. Yesss . These all seem so good. We stan!

  2. Except Morbius, but to each thier own

    1. Yeah, if I wasn't a Jared Leto, I probably wouldn't have had it on my list either lol!


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