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Friday, February 23, 2018

Kerin's Top 10: Best Worst Movies

Hello World,

So there are good movies and there are bad movies, and then there are movies so bad that they're actually pretty good... not really but...

Now, I haven't seen classics like The Room or Birdermic: Shock and Terror, which are apparently the best worst movies, but I have seen some bad movies that I think are pretty good in a bad movie kind of way.  These are those movies, you love to watch even though you know they are bad, and you can't explain to anyone why you like watching that movie. Anyway here's my list of my personal best worst movies! Enjoy!


This is just a plain bad movie. It's not even funny. It's awkward and cringey, and just poorly done. I don't even like this movie, but I watch it and I continue to watch it. I paid money to own this movie, and I've watched this movie every night for week straight. I have no explanations DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE. It's just bad. 


This is a really popular bad movie - it makes top best worst movie lists all the time, and that's because it's so great! This movie is so overtly awful, that is is hilarious. I think the most accurate description of this movie would be "puny."


This one of those bad movies that make you cringe. This movie excels in underdevelopment. It shines with it's whiny underdeveloped main character, strange undeveloped "love" story, and rushed underdeveloped plot. I never read the book, and I can guarantee that it is better than the movie. But alas, I will continue watching and enjoying this film. 

This is one of those movies, where I always have to explain why I own this, and I just can't. It is about as good as it sounds. This a typical TV Movie, with no real shinning points, It is what it is. Sorry not sorry.


I don't know what it is about sequels, but they just know how to do bad. Now, Underworld, itself, could be considered a bad movie, but the sequel really outdid it. This movie makes you think many things like, "What is going on?" "What in the world?" "What am I watching?" "Why am I watching this?" "Why do I hate myself?"  But I carried on to watch the rest of the franchise, and no, it never got any better than the first.

Speaking of franchises that should have stopped at the first one,  Pirates of the Caribbean is a prime example. Now this film is the 4th one in the franchise, and it's probably 4 times as bad as the original.  But I've never seen the first one. I've only seen this one, and the 5th one, which is basically the same movie. Random people need Johnny Depp to find some random treasure - hilarity ensues. But I don't like the 5th one, probably because it doesn't have a random priest/mermaid love story.

I think this is a Hallmark Channel original, and it is every bit as cringey and cheesy as your typical Hallmark movie. The first time I watched this movie was on the Hallmark Channel a few year ago. Emphasis on first because I've watched this movie many many times. In fact, I watched this movie every night for a month this past December.

The title of this movie says a lot about the quality of this movie. I have no real explanations for why I love this movie so much. But I've watched this movie every night for week before, and I've paid money to rent this movie for just 48hrs. But this movie is kind of cute. It's not as bad as others on this list.

I LOVE this movie! This movie cracks me up. There is literally so much random stuff going on in the movie. I have no idea, what the creators were going for. I know Jeepers Creepers was clearly meant to be a horror/thriller, but the sequel is just so random, I don't know. 

I have loved this movie for a long time, and I don't know why. At some point in my life, I would've said this was favorite movie, if it wasn't so embarrassing. Almost everything about this movie is bad - from the acting to the writing. This movie is very cringe, super awkward, and a lot of "just why?" But I love it. 

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