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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Peyton + Jacob Chapter 7

Hello World! Chapter 7 awaits...

         I woke up to the sound of loud knocking on the door. Who could be here this early, since I didn’t remember my alarm going off? I rolled over to see if what time my alarm clock said, and then I realized I wasn’t in my bed. I wasn’t in my room. I was in the living room on the couch, and I looked over at Jacob who was still asleep despite the knocking. Then I remembered what happened last night. I can’t believe I did it again. The knocking started again, and I quickly got up, and grabbed a blanket and wrapped in around my half- naked body, and then covered Jacob with the other, and went to answer the door. When I opened the door, Dylan immediately walked in and started yelling at me.
“Where the hell have you been? I have been calling you, and you didn’t show up for class yesterday! I have –” she yelled. I cut her off by putting my hand over her mouth, and I pulled her into my room, before she woke up Jacob.
“What the hell was that for? Was that Jacob on the couch? And are you naked?” she said once we were in my room.
“Yes that is Jacob on the couch, and I didn’t want you to wake him, and yes I’m naked,” I said as I pulled the blanket tighter to cover myself.
“What? Oh honey, there’s no reason to be embarrass you have an excellent body,” she said with a smile.
“I’m naked because I slept with Jacob last night – on the couch!” I rushed out.
“What? I mean it’s not like you guys haven’t slept together before. I mean naked is new, but I mean – oh my gosh, you guys had sex!” she said gasping when she realized what I meant.
“Yes, I can’t believe I slept with him again. I’m such a slut,” I said falling on my bed.
“Yeah, yeah you’re such a slut – wait what do you mean again?” she asked sitting down on my bed.
“I mean this is my second time.”
“As in you slept with him before.”
“The night before last.”
“Is that why you skipped out yesterday?”
“Yeah, I wasn’t prepared to talk to Landon.”
“Now you have to tell him you slept with Jacob twice.”
“I know, and I don’t know why I did it… it just felt right, but it’s so wrong.”
“So I think it’s safe to say you still have feelings for Jacob.”
“Yes! I am still in love with him, and he loves me too.”
“Wait what? You need to tell me what happened.”
            And so I did, I told Dylan everything that happened. I told her about my fight with Landon, and then his apology when he confessed he loved me, and I how lied back. Then I told he about my conversation with Jacob, and how he confessed his love that as well, and how I slept with him. Then I told her about our fight the next the morning, and then Jacob’s apology. I also told her about the weird stuff at the ceremony yesterday, and my conversation with Paul. I caught her up on everything up until she found Jacob on the couch this morning.
“Oh my gosh!” was her first response.
“I know,” I said.
“Oh my gosh!” she repeated.
“What should I do?” I asked.
“You need to make a choice.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you can’t keep dating Landon and sleeping with Jacob. You need to choose one.”
“But how do I know which one?”
“Honey, that’s up to you. Personally I think you should choose Jacob, because he’s way hotter, but that’s just my personal choice, and I also don’t really like Landon. I think he’s kinda a loser, but again that’s just me, and this is about you.”
“But I just don’t know.”
“Well let’s figure this out logically.”
“Let’s weigh the pros and cons of each guy. Let’s start with the boyfriend. Pros – he loves you and he makes you happy. You guys have fun together and he clearly can handle commitment. Anything else?”
“Uhh… not that I can think of?”
“Is he a good kisser?”
“Uhh… he’s fine.”
“Is Jacob a better kisser?”
“Jacob has had a lot more practice.”
“Fine whatever. The cons – you don’t love him, and he might break up with you because you slept with your best friend, whom he happens to hate.”
“He doesn’t hate Jacob.”
“He hates Jacob.”
“Fine whatever.”
“Any other cons?”
“Are you sure?”
“No that’s not true. There is another con. Landon bores me sometimes. He just – I don’t know – too consistent, too predictable. He doesn’t excite me anymore. Is that bad?”
“That is definitely a con, so that’s four pros and three cons for Landon. Now Jacob, pros – he’s your best friend – that could actually work either ways. Would you consider that a pro or a con?”
“Okay fine. Pros – He’s your best friend, he loves you and you love him. Is he good in bed?”
“What does that matter?”
“That could be a pro. Does he live up to the hype?”
“He’s fine.”
“You’re a terrible liar Peyton, so we add that he’s good in bed. Anything else? Does he make you happy?”
“Yes, but he also makes me really mad. He is like the only person that really gets under my skin, probably because he knows he so well.”
“So we’ll add he makes you happy and he knows you well, so that’s six pros, now cons. He is a womanizer, clearly can’t stay committed. He has a lot of other issues and has been involved with illegal things.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Umm… why else would you be calling the cops?”
“I guess you’re right.”
“And regardless he comes with a ton of drama. Anything else?”
“He’s a liar, and it has become exceptionally hard to tell when he was just faking.”
“So you can’t trust him?”
“No, and he doesn’t trust me either.”
“Do you trust Landon?”
“Of course.”
“Then we should add that to his pros, so the ending tally in 5 pros and 3 cons for Landon, and 6 pros and 7 cons for Jacob.”
“So who should I choose?”
“Well logically you should choose Landon. He has more pros than cons, but ultimately the choice is yours.”
            After my conversation with Dylan, I was still no closer to making a choice. I decided I needed some time to clear my head before I could make a decision. I needed to distance myself from the situation, so I left the house with Dylan before Jacob woke up, and I decided to try to avoid both him and Landon all day, until I could come up with a decision. It was going to be really hard trying to avoid them both.
            Fortunately, it was Wednesday, and I only had biology with Landon, and no classes with Jacob. I arrived in biology a little late, and sat in the back, so Landon never noticed I was there, and then I ran out. The rest of day, it was easy to avoid them. Both continued to call me constantly, so eventually I just turned my phone off. I was eating lunch with Dylan in a secluded area behind an oak tree, when I heard two guys arguing nearby. I recognized one voice immediately. It was Jacob, and I soon realized the other voice was Paul. I tried to follow their conversation, but I didn’t know what they were talking about.
“Look I’m just trying to help you,” Paul said.
“Stop trying,” Jacob said.
“I know what happened, and I know it wasn’t your fault. Just let me help you.”
“Just shut up! Okay? Shut up.”
“Just leave me alone.”
“I know he’s here. And you may be scared of him, but I’m not. And I don’t need your permission to go to the cops. If you come with me, it will only end up better for you.”
“Better for me?” I heard Jacob laugh “Well it’s only going to be worse for you, and you’re never going to get the chance to tell them.”
“Are you going to stop me?”
“You wasted your time coming to me.”
“Jacob!” And then it went silent.
“What was that about?” Dylan asked as soon as the conversation was over.
“I have no idea,” I said.
“See boy B – ton of drama and issues,” Dylan said.
“Who is boy B?” I heard a voice behind me, and I turned around to find Jacob.
“Oh hey Jacob,” I said uncomfortably.
“You know I’ve been looking for you all day,” he said.
“Really? I’ve just been around,” I lied.
“No you’ve been avoiding me,” he said.
“No I haven’t.”
“You’re lying.”
“Okay yes I have.”
“I just need some space right now.”
“Is this about what happened the other night?”
“And last night,” Dylan added.
“What happened last night?” Jacob asked.
“What do mean what happened last night?” I asked.
“I mean I don’t remember. I remember I got a little drunk at the ceremony then everything gets all blurry after that.”
“Oh my gosh!” Dylan said.
“Dylan! I’m officially just one of the girls now,” I said.
“What do you mean?”  Jacob said.
“I even escorted myself out before he woke up too,” I added.
“How does it feel to be one of Jacob Blake’s many conquests?” Dylan teased.
“Shut up,” I said.
“Okay, but I’m gonna go you guys should talk,” Dylan said getting up.
“No! You can’t go.  I can’t talk to him. I’m avoiding him,” I said.
“Why are you avoiding him?” Jacob asked.
“Because we had sex last night,” I said.
“Again?” he asked.
“Yes again” I said.
“Well… was it good?” he asked with a smile.

“You are unbelievable. I’m leaving,” I said and I got up and left.

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